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Frontiers of Digital Education is the first interdisciplinary English academic journal in digital education around the world. It is supervised by the Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China, published by Higher Education Press, and internationally distributed by Springer Nature. Published quarterly, the journal releases online first with simultaneous on the Frontiers Journals of Higher Education Press ( and the Springer Link platform to global audience ( The Editor-in-Chief is Fangzheng Tan from Higher Education Press, with Co-Editors-in-Chief Professor Zongkai Yang, President of the Wuhan University of Technology, and Yongzhi Li, Director of the China National Academy of Educational Sciences. The general information about the journal and submission guidelines are provided below.


I. Aims & Scope

Frontiers of Digital Education is an international academic journal, aiming to reflect the dynamic trends in digital education policies, academic frontiers, and research hotspots from various countries. The journal explores key issues and challenges in digital education and technological innovation, establishing a distinctive platform for the dissemination and communication of significant achievements in digital education. The dedication of this journal lies in contributing to the advancement of digital education.


II. Topics of Interest

Topics captured by this call include, but are not limited to:

  1. Theoretical Explorations in Digital Education
  2. EduInfo Policies & Practices
  3. Smart Class
  4. Assessment of Digital Education
  5. Education Data Insights
  1. AI in/and Education
  1. Research in E-Learning
  2. EduTech Innovation/Innovative Learning Models


III. Manuscript Requirements

1. Authors must uphold academic ethics, integrity, respect intellectual property rights, and abstain from plagiarism, falsification, or other academic misconducts. The journal assumes no liability for any infringement of copyright by authors.

2. Manuscripts must be original contribution, conform to academic norms, and should not be currently under consideration for another journal, conference or workshop. All submissions will undergo rigorous peer review and collective discussion by the editorial board prior to acceptance.

3. Contents must include:

    1. Title: Title and a running title not exceeding 80 characters.
    2. Author information: Names, affiliations (department, institute, city, post code, country), corresponding author, and email.
    3. Abstract and keywords: Abstract, concise, accurate, and comprehensive without annotations or evaluative language, should be at least 300 words. Keywords, reflecting the main content of the paper, are usually 4–6 noun phrases separated by commas.
    4. Main text: Original, scientific, and academic, with Research and Review papers being no less than 5,000 words; Review articles ranging from 2,000 to 5,000 words.
    5. Notes: Further explanations or supplementary comments for specific content in the text, marked with numbered circles (e.g., ①, ②), typically placed at the footnotes of the respective page.
    6. References: Adopting the Author-date citation system (refer to APA manual); non-English references translated into English, with the original language indicated (e.g., in Chinese), ensuring accuracy.
    7. Acknowledgments (if applicable): Providing name and number of the funded projects.
    8. Conflict of Interest (mandatory): 

Considering the example below, for further illustration, please refer to the Submission Guidelines and learn more about the conflict of interest on Springer’s homepage at:

Conflict of Interest Ming Xiao is a member of the Editorial Board of Frontiers of Digital Education, who were excluded from the peer-review process and all editorial decisions related to the acceptance and publication of this article. Peer-review was handled independently by the other editors to minimise bias.

Conflict of Interest The authors declare that they have no conflict of interest.


IV. Submission Guidelines

Manuscripts should be submitted online at:

For submission guidelines or inquiries, please refer to the Submission Guidelines available at:

Initial review feedback will be provided within five working days with the strict peer review process. The first review takes approximately one month, and the entire review process lasts around two months. Once your manuscript is accepted, it will go into production, and will be simultaneously published online, which takes one month.


For more information about the details of Frontiers of Digital Education, please visit or For queries regarding this call, please feel free to contact the editorial office at:


Tel: +86-10-58582344, +86-10-58581581

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