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Leo Foundation: Prof. Buganim's lab at Hebrew University-Grant for pioneering research on fibroblast dysfunction and skin rejuvenation

Grant and Award Announcement

The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

The Leo Foundation has awarded a $600,000 grant to Prof. Yossi Buganim’s lab at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem to support groundbreaking research on fibroblast dysfunction in aging skin. This project aims to develop innovative technology for rejuvenating aged fibroblasts to improve wound healing.

Fibroblasts are essential in skin wound healing, playing roles in fibrin clot breakdown, extracellular matrix synthesis, collagen formation, and wound contraction. Their multifaceted contributions are critical to skin repair after injuries, which initiate a series of synchronized healing mechanisms. However, aging impairs fibroblast functionality, leading to prolonged and ineffective wound healing, making chronic wounds and scarring more likely.

In elderly individuals, delayed wound healing is partly due to reduced cell division in aged fibroblasts and decreased production and attraction of fat cells to the wound area. This results in thinner skin and greater vulnerability to injuries. Additionally, aging cells exhibit slower regeneration, compromised bacterial defense mechanisms, and increased inflammation, further hindering the healing process.

Addressing these age-related impairments is crucial for advancing wound care strategies. Prof. Buganim’s project aims to elucidate the molecular mechanisms behind fibroblast dysfunction in aging and leverage novel partial reprogramming technology to rejuvenate aged fibroblasts, enhancing wound healing outcomes. The research seeks to develop innovative interventions to alleviate the burden of chronic wounds and scarring in the aging population, ultimately improving quality of life and healthcare outcomes.

"We are deeply honored and grateful to receive this grant from the Leo Foundation," said Prof. Yossi Buganim, Principal Investigator at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem. "This funding will significantly advance our research on the mechanisms behind fibroblast dysfunction in aging skin and help us develop cutting-edge rejuvenation technologies to improve wound healing in the elderly."

The Leo Foundation's support underscores its commitment to advancing scientific research and improving dermatological health. This grant will enable Prof. Buganim's lab to push the boundaries of current knowledge and contribute to the development of new therapeutic strategies for age-related skin impairments.

About the Leo Foundation

The Leo Foundation is dedicated to supporting scientific research that improves human health, with a particular focus on dermatology. By funding innovative projects and researchers, the foundation aims to drive breakthroughs in understanding and treating skin diseases and conditions.

About Yossi Buganim's Lab

Yossi Buganim’s lab at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem focuses on understanding the molecular mechanisms of stem cell biology and cellular reprogramming. The lab's research aims to develop novel therapeutic strategies for regenerative medicine and improve health outcomes for aging populations.

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