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Luther identifying road segments that bisect predicted movement corridors for small priority species in Virginia

Grant and Award Announcement

George Mason University

David Luther, Associate Professor, Biology, received funding for the project: “Identifying Road Segments that Bisect Predicted Movement Corridors for Small Priority Species in Virginia.” 

The purpose of this study is to advance the work of the legislated Wildlife Corridor Action Plan (WCAP) and meet the intent of an awarded Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) grant by identifying road segments that may pose a high risk or impede movement of select small terrestrial and semiaquatic animal species that are of conservation concern in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

To identify high-risk road segments, Luther and collaborators from the Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute will create models that estimate habitat suitability and important movement areas for priority species. 

Luther received $243,105 from Virginia Transportation Research Council for this project. Funding began in June 2024 and will end in late Dec. 2025.


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