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TOP in Internationalization: TUD achieves top position in German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) Funding Ranking

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A total of 100 universities are listed in the ranking. The "DAAD Funding Ranking" is an important indicator of the extent to which German universities are networking internationally and establishing collaborations. In 2023, TUD raised a total of around EUR 11.2 million for internationalization projects and scholarships. 

Approximately EUR 3.2 million for individual funding was used to support 364 students - including 291 who had come to Dresden for their studies. The remaining EUR 8 million in DAAD funding went to projects and programs such as Ukraine Digital, EPOS, Global Centres for Climate and Environment (ABCD Centre), Integra, BIDS and KOPSIE. 

“The current results of the DAAD Funding Ranking clearly show that TU Dresden is consistently and successfully pursuing its internationalization strategy adopted by the University Executive Board to strengthen internationalization in research, teaching and studies. With this approach, we are strengthening our international visibility and our attractiveness for both international cooperation partners and prospective students from abroad”, says Prof. Ursula Staudinger, Rector of TUD. 

TUD has also considerably increased its Erasmus funding for student and staff mobility. The current 2023 "Erasmus+ Impact Report" lists TUD in 4th place in the "Mobility of Individuals" program line, having previously ranked 13th. A total of 901 stays abroad were made possible as part of the Erasmus Mobility Program. TUD is the nationwide leader in teaching stays at partner universities and continuing education. 

Background: DAAD Funding Ranking
Since 2000, the DAAD has compiled its funding rankings for all of its member universities. They contain information on the amount of individual funding and on the funding requested by the universities for DAAD projects and programs. The charts list the 100 universities with the highest funding contributions in absolute and relative terms (in relation to the number of students at the university).

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