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Guangzhou, July 3, 2020: New journal BIO Integration (BIOI) has been launched with the publication of volume 1, issue 1. BIOI is a peer-reviewed, open access, international journal, which is dedicated to spreading multidisciplinary views driving the advancement of modern medicine. Aimed at bridging the gap between the laboratory, clinic, and biotechnology industries, it will offer a cross-disciplinary platform devoted to communicating advances in the biomedical research field and offering insights into different areas of life science, in order to encourage cooperation and exchange among scientists, clinical researchers, and health care providers.

Featured papers in this issue are:

The first featured article in this issue is an opinion article entitled "The Significance of Interdisciplinary Integration in Academic Research and Application" by authors Phei Er Saw and Shanping Jiang. Interdisciplinary integration is a requirement for disciplinary development in the modern social environment. What can we learn from interdisciplinary integration in COVID¬19 research? The authors use COVID¬19 research as an example to emphasize the importance of interdisciplinary, and the realization of, integrative research.

The second featured article in this issue is a review article entitled "Immunoscore Guided Cold Tumors to Acquire "Temperature" Through Integrating Physicochemical and Biological Methods" by authors Jing Liu, Mengze Xu and Zhen Yuan. Immunotherapy for the treatment of tumors has become the most compelling strategy after targeted treatment, especially for lung cancer, melanoma, and some blood cancers. In this paper, the authors summarize the use of immunoscore, which provides a better prognosis for cancer patients. The authors also outline the features of the most difficult-to-treat and challenging cold tumors and potential approaches to transform "cold" tumors into "hot" tumors.

The third featured article in this issue is a review article entitled "Nanobiohybrids: A Synergistic Integration of Bacteria and Nanomaterials in Cancer Therapy" by authors Yuhao Chen, Meng Du, Jinsui Yu, Lang Rao, Xiaoyuan Chen and Zhiyi Chen. Developing targeted drug delivery systems is of great significance in selectively delivering drugs to tumor regions. Since the low tumor-targeting ability of nanomaterials limits their clinical application, the authors focus on the usage of nanobiohybrids constructed by the combination of bacteria and nanomaterials. These have many usage applications, including tumor targeting ability, genetic modifiability, programmed product synthesis, and multimodal therapy. Bacteria-based nanobiohybrids have the potential to provide a targeted and effective approach for cancer treatment.


Other articles published in the issue include:


Introducing a New Journal: BIO Integration Zhiyi Chen, Pintong Huang

Review Articles

Advances in the Production of Minor Ginsenosides Using Microorganisms and Their Enzymes Almando Geraldi

Bioactive Factors-imprinted Scaffold Vehicles for Promoting Bone Healing: The Potential Strategies and the Confronted Challenges for Clinical Production Peng-Peng Xue, Jian-dong Yuan, Qing Yao, Ying-Zheng Zhao and He-Lin Xu

BIO Integration is a fully open access journal which will allow for the rapid dissemination of multidisciplinary views driving the progress of modern medicine.

As part of its mandate to help bring interesting work and knowledge from around the world to a wider audience, BIOI will actively support authors through open access publishing and through waiving author fees in its first years. Also, publication support for authors whose first language is not English will be offered in areas such as manuscript development, English language editing and artwork assistance.

BIOI is available on the IngentaConnect platform and at the website.

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