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Collaborative digitalization of supply chain ecosystem is overdue for some industries

New book lays down critical business process improvements essential to commencing a Digital Supply Chain Transformation

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Digital Transformation of the Supply Chain: A Practical Guide for Executives

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We are undergoing the next great industrial revolution and judging by the speed at which we've seen digital disruption tear through industries, today's technology may be more disruptive than the revolutions driven by steam power, assembly lines, and the first computers. The rise of digital, data-driven technology has transformed entire industries, helping the smallest start-ups quickly establish a presence, scale in record time, and pave the way for entirely new business models.

Businesses need to build on the incremental advancements offered by past solutions while working towards a networked, digitally connected future. Companies, and by extension their supply chains, need to embark on a path down the digital road. It's not a simple or straightforward journey. Nor is it the same for every business. But it's a journey worth taking — not only for the sake of an end goal, but for all the benefits that come along the way. And while there's no single path to success, there are several shared traits among the leaders, no matter which industry they represent. From these examples, we begin to see specific digital building blocks, either technologies or processes, that comprise the foundation of a successful digital transformation. Digital Transformation of the Supply Chain: A Practical Guide for Executives is an attempt to bring together new insights into how to lead a digital supply chain transformation project and how to manage the change internally and externally.

While new technologies and digital solutions have slowly been introduced to different areas of business, many of those designed for supply chain have focused on solving well-known problems. Majority of companies across industries had some supply chain strategies pre-COVID-19 and quite a few digital supply chain initiatives in different stages of planning or execution. In the post-COVID-19 world, all these strategies are already being reconsidered. Supply chain visibility needs to take another step forward using real-time data integration across end-to-end entities and partners to enable more effective decision-making and boost cash flow benefits, measured by working capital improvements. Truly, disruption is turning out to be the mother of innovation. So how can businesses be their industry's innovative supply chain and stay ahead to generate those cash flow benefits?

Dr Albert Tan and Mr Sameer Shukkla present the answers in Digital Transformation of the Supply Chain through a supply chain process redesign framework that dovetails into the Digital Transformation. In Dr. Tan's view, today companies need to prepare supply chains for tomorrow's necessary digitalization by establishing the right foundation of processes. Sameer complements this with the perspective that with customer centricity as a renewed focus of business strategy, the current global situation demands that companies across industries innovate and make their supply chains more agile and flexible.

"This book unravels the complexities of supply chain process transformation by explaining step by step, and in simple terms, what are the requirements for success right from the basics to how to implement this complicated task," said Mr. Hsiao Chink Tang, Senior Economist, East Asia Department, Asian Development Bank, Philippines, "[It] provides insights into how to lead the transformation project and how to manage the change internally and externally. The authors' hands-on experience in the field via applied research is clearly illustrated in the case studies which provide the reader with practical examples of the challenges and benefits of implementing a supply chain transformation project. A must-have book for all supply chain professionals.

Said Mr. Raymond Yee, Vice President of Customs & Regulatory Affairs of DHL Express Singapore, "Supply chain management ... is a cross-functional issue... The challenge is to change the mindset or culture of a company's employees from a silo, 'us versus them' mentality, to one of true team work. This book is an essential how-to guide to supply chain process transformation and should be seen as the guide to any company wanting to stay ahead of the competition."

Digital Transformation of the Supply Chain: A Practical Guide for Executives retails for US$38 / £35 (hardcover) and is also available in electronic formats. To order or know more about the book, visit


About the Authors

Dr. Albert Tan is the Director for the Shanghai Jiao Tong University Asia Pacific Graduate Institute based in Singapore and associate researcher at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Center for Transportation and Logistics (MIT CTL). Prior to that, he was an associate director managing the Master program in supply chain management and logistics management in overseas universities in Dubai, Malaysia, and Singapore. His research works have been published in international journals, and he is an editorial board member for various international journals.

Albert was previously a director working in a government agency responsible for upgrading the information technology (IT) capability of the manufacturing and logistics industries. This involved planning and evaluating technologies for the chemical and logistics industries. He has also provided numerous ERP and re-engineering consulting services for both discrete and process environment in Asia to streamline their supply chain while working for an IT vendor.

He is a certified fellow in production and inventory management from the Association for Supply Chain Management (APICS). He holds an M.B.S. from the National University of Ireland and a Ph.D. in Supply Chain Management from the Nanyang Technological University.

Mr Sameer Shukkla is a digital supply chain professional focusing on business process transformation and improvements for customers measured by useful analytics. Over the last 25 years, Sameer has acquired deep expertise in supply chain and logistics management. He has solid experience in leadership of business transformation programs and overall client engagements for Enterprise Resource Planning and supply chain initiatives.

Sameer currently helps clients enable digital business solutions from concept to proof to delivery with high customer satisfaction. He provides thought leadership for end-to-end supply chain transformation across all areas including supply chain strategy, digital supply chain planning, sourcing & procurement, inventory optimization, and outbound supply chain logistics. Leveraging deep knowledge in all these supply chain process areas, Sameer has engaged with 30 clients across manufacturing, pharmaceutical/life sciences, consumer, retail, energy, and natural resources industries.

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