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What we can learn from Singapore's COVID-19 containment response in primary care

COVID-19: Notes from the front line, Singapore's primary health care perspective

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American Academy of Family Physicians

Singapore, a global hub for international travel and business, was among the first countries affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. With its first confirmed COVID-19 case on January 23, 2020, the country mounted aggressive public health and containment measures. The country's network of primary care clinics were at the front lines of these measures. In this new report, those physicians share their triage, containment and infection control measures--including protocols they put in place to ensure the safety of health care workers. At the time of writing the report, zero health care workers within their primary care network were infected with COVID-19. The authors describe the framework for how their primary care clinics responded to this pandemic in the hope others may find solutions to their unique needs."


COVID-19: Notes From the Front Line, Singapore's Primary Health Care Perspective
Wei Han Lim, MBBS, et al
Raffles Medical Group, Department of Primary Care, Singapore

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