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Unlocking the medicinal secrets of spices and culinary herbs

The first volume of this new book series presents reviews of preclinical and clinical studies of selected spices used in cooking

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Bentham Science Publishers

Culinary herbs have been used to cure various ailments, such as fever and joint pain as well as aid in wound healing. With the advances in modern technology, it is possible to extract, identify and test different chemical components for their pharmaceutical properties in vitro and in vivo. These studies can also help pharmaceutical researchers develop new natural product based medicines for treating various diseases.

Science of Spices and Culinary Herbs is a compilation of current reviews on studies performed on herbs and spices commonly used in cooking. The series is essential reading for medicinal chemists, herbalists and biomedical researchers interested in the science of natural herbs and spices that are a common part of regional diets and folk medicine.

The first volume of this series brings detailed information about two well-known Asian spices: Turmeric and Saffron. Chapters cover information about the effect of Saffron on the respiratory system, and several reviews on the medicinal (anti-microbial, anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory) properties of turmeric and specifically, its most important natural constituent (curcumin).


About The Editors:

Atta-ur-Rahman, Ph.D. in organic chemistry from Cambridge University (1968), has 1150 international publications in several fields of organic chemistry including 775 research publications, 43 international patents, 70 chapters in books and 254 books published largely by major U.S. and European presses. He is the Editor-in-Chief of eight European Chemistry journals. He is Editor of the world's leading encyclopedic series of volumes on natural products "Studies in Natural Product Chemistry" 60 volumes of which have been published under his Editorship by Elsevier during the last two decades.

M. Iqbal Choudhary is a Ph. D. scientist in the field of organic chemistry from Pakistan working at the University of Karachi. He is known for his research in bioorganic chemistry and natural product chemistry. He has more than 1000 research publications (23000 citations), including 33 books published. He has 27 US patents to his name.

Sammer Yousuf, is an Associate Professor at the H. E. J. Research Institute of Chemistry, International Center for Chemical and Biological Sciences, University of Karachi. Yousuf is the author of over 180 research papers in international journals, and five chapters of books, with a total citations exceeding 1700. She is the pioneer of crystal engineering in Pakistan, and established the first crystal engineering laboratory at the ICCBS. Based on her contributions in the field of structural and medicinal chemistry, she received prestigious TWAS Regional Prize for Young Scientists in 2011.

Keywords: Crocus sativus, Iridaceae, Saffron, Bronchodilator, Lung Inflammation, Pulmonary Diseases, Safranal, Turmeric, Anti-inflammatory Herbal medicines, Cholesterol gallstones, Erythrocytes, integrity, Curcuminoids, Ayurveda, Bioavailability, Bioactivity

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