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'Physics, Nature and Society'

A guide to order and complexity in our world

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Physics, Nature and Society by Joaquin Marro is a wide-ranging and accessible book which serves as a fascinating guide to the strategies and concepts that help us understand the boundaries between physics, on the one hand, and sociology, economics, and biology on the other.

From cooperation and criticality to flock dynamics and fractals, the author addresses many of the topics belonging to the broad theme of complexity. He chooses excellent examples (requiring no prior mathematical knowledge) to illuminate these ideas and their implications.

The lively style and clear description of the relevant models will appeal both to novices and those with an existing knowledge of the field. With cross-disciplinary applications of physics, the book is bursting with fascinating examples from natural and social systems.


Author information:

Currently on the faculty of Granada University, Joaquin Marro earned a Ph.D. in theoretical physics (Barcelona, 1972) and a second one in computational physics (New York, 1975). He has authored or coauthored several books and nearly 200 research papers on statistical physics and on the creative use of computers, and has served on several international committees. He cofounded the Institute "Carlos I" for Theoretical and Computational Physics, and founded the biennial conference "Granada Seminar".

Joaquin Marro
Physics, Nature and Society
A Guide to Order and Complexity in Our World
Series: The Frontiers Collection
2014, XII, 204 p. 146 illus.
Hardcover € 39.99, £ 22.95, $ 39.99
ISBN 978-3-319-02023-5
Also available as an eBook

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