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Correlation of stress response with immunity

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Bentham Science Publishers

Stress response is a set of reactions that allow the living organism to adjust and survive adverse conditions. These conditions are defined by harsh environmental conditions, such as high or low temperatures, salt concentration (for example in marine environments) or physiological damage. Every living cell has biochemical mechanisms to cope with physical stress and these mechanisms show a degree of similarity among several types of living organisms.

Stress Response and Immunity: Links and Trade Offs introduces the reader to the concept of stress and subsequently examines the connection between stress response and immunity at various evolutionary stages of living organisms - from bacteria to humans. Studies have been conducted in prokaryotes, eukaryotes and in complex organisms with specialized immune systems revealing the increasing intricacy of the responses.

The book also features chapters dedicated to the role of tumor suppressor genes and the immune system of the brain. The information presented in this reference uncovers the profound effects of physical and psychological stress on living organisms and even on human health. Readers with basic knowledge of molecular biology will learn about the interesting aspects of stress responses and the evolutionary tradeoffs observed in different life forms. This book is essential reading for researchers in life sciences and in particular, physiology, evolutionary biology and comparative biology.

This book was published in February 2020.



Stress, Immunity, Psychology, molecular biology, human health, immune system, biochemical mechanisms, integrated stress response, multicellular organisms, adaptive immunity, innate immunity

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