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Axios Review relaunches as a non-profit

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Axios Review

Vancouver, BC - Axios Review, an independent peer review service, today announced its relaunch as a non-profit society. Axios began offering its services in 2013, and has since helped hundreds of authors find a journal that wants their paper.

"Our goal is to streamline science publishing, and get peer-reviewed knowledge into the public sphere as quickly as possible. When we started we were a for-profit company, largely because they're simpler to manage" said Dr. Tim Vines, the founder of Axios Review and former evolutionary biologist. "Since then, we've listened to the academic community and heard that this status deterred some from using our service. We wanted to remove that barrier so we've converted into a non-profit."

The Axios process is very effective: once a paper has been reviewed by Axios and they've found an interested journal, the paper's chance of acceptance jumps to 85%. Over half of these are accepted without further review at the journal.

"We're very excited for this new phase of our organization" adds Tim Vines. "It's clear that linking authors with an interested journal saves time for them, for reviewers, and for editors - and ultimately boosts the availability of quality science to the public. With the support of the community we're going to make scientific peer review more efficient for everyone."

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