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Ground Zero 1945: Hiroshima Archive to relay the experience to future generations

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Tokyo Metropolitan University

Hiroshima Archive

image: The Hiroshima Archive, digital archive, contains vast records and resources on the history of the A-bomb, presented using the latest technology. view more 

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For the purpose of preserving invaluable accounts of the experiences of A-bomb survivors as well as other records on the bombing, the Hiroshima Archive presents a compilation of various materials contributed by such bodies as the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum, the Hiroshima Jogakuin Junior & Senior High School, and the Hachioji Hibakusha (A-bomb Survivors) Association.

This is a pluralistic digital archive with all the collected data mapped out digitally on a virtual globe.

The archive was created in a joint effort between the Hidenori Watanave Laboratory at the Faculty of System Design, Tokyo Metropolitan University, and Hiroshima Jogakuin Junior & Senior High School. The materials serve as an exceptional source of insight into the reality of the atomic bombing in Hiroshima, particularly the video interviews of A-bomb survivors who have hitherto never given their own accounts publicly. These interviews were conducted by student volunteers from the Hiroshima Jogakuin Junior & Senior High School.


Hiroshima Archive official website

Visual tour movie (YouTube: Japanese Only)

About the Archive

Records as of July 2015
"Heiwa wo Inoru Hitotachi e (Prayers for Peace)" by the Hiroshima Jogakuin Gaines Association 58 articles
"Genbaku Hibaku 60 Nen (60 Years After Surviving the A-bomb)" by the Hachioji Hibakusha Association 29 articles
"Kioku wo Uketsugu (Passing Down the Memories)" by the Chugoku Shimbun 26 articles
"Katari Tsugu (Storytelling)" by the Hiroshima Baptist Christ Church 6 articles (Japanese only)
"Genshi-un (The Mushroom Cloud)" by the Adachi-ku Hibakusha Association 1 article (Japanese only)
Video narrative by NGO ANT-Hiroshima 1 article (Japanese only)
Video narratives by Hiroshima Jogakuin Junior & Senior High School volunteers 25 articles (Japanese only)
"Tour of the Cenotaphs in the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park" by Hiroshima Jogakuin Junior & Senior High School volunteers 12 articles (Japanese only)
Photographs by the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum 145 articles
Aerial photos by the Geospatial Information Authority of Japan (images between 1945 - 1950)
Digital elevation data by the Geospatial Information Authority of Japan

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Contributors of materials and translation

The materials on the Hiroshima Archive (photographs, video clips, texts, etc.) have been contributed by institutions, organizations, corporations, and individuals affiliated with this project. Their English translations have been provided by volunteers.

We will continue to expand our collection of materials and pursue further translation into English. We welcome your contributions either of material sources or in translation work. Please contact us using the contact details below.

Hidenori Watanave Laboratory at Tokyo Metropolitan University

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