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Resolvin D1 ameliorates inflammatory arthritis in mouse model

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Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) is a debilitating autoimmune disorder that is characterized by the accumulation of inflammatory cells within the fluid of the joints. Current therapeutic strategies mostly serve to ease pain and rarely are able to reverse damage or resolve inflammation. A study in this issue of JCI Insight indicates that the lipid mediator resolvin D1 has anti-arthritic properties and should be further explored for treating RA. A team led by Charles Serhan of Harvard Medical School and Mauro Perritti of Queen Mary University of London determined that resolvin D1 is elevated in joint fluid from both arthritic mice and patients. Administration of resolvin D1 in mice with inflammatory arthritis dramatically reduced disease and promoted remission. The authors determined that resolvin D1 promotes expression of genes associated with cartilage repair and reduces factors associated with joint damage. The results of this study indicate that resolving D1 be further explored as a therapeutic strategy for treating RA.


TITLE: Proresolving and cartilage-protective actions of resolvin D1 in inflammatory arthritis

AUTHOR CONTACT: Mauro Perretti
Queen Mary University of London

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