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Frontiers in natural product chemistry volume 4

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Bentham Science Publishers

Frontiers in Natural Product Chemistry is a book series devoted to publishing monographs that highlight important advances in natural product chemistry. The series covers all aspects of research in the chemistry and biochemistry of naturally occurring compounds, including research on natural substances derived from plants, microbes and animals.

Reviews of structure elucidation, biological activity, organic and experimental synthesis of natural products as well as developments of new methods are also included in the series. The series is essential reading to all researchers seeking updated knowledge on natural products and their use in pharmaceutical development.

The fourth volume of the series brings seven reviews contributed by 21 researchers covering these topics:

  • a literature review of plant-based antiamoebic medicines (with a focus on E. hystolytica infections)
  • a review of plant derived analgesics with a description of SAR (structure-activity relationship) studies of salvinorin A and mitragynine derivatives developed to obtain a reduced burden of undesirable effects.
  • natural products in essential oils and their effect in cognitive performance through aromatherapy
  • natural products derived from cannabis
  • the use of lectins (a class of naturally occurring glycoproteins) in biosensors for cancer
  • a review highlighting the structure, occurrence, mode of action, biosynthetic pathway, plant stress ameliorating properties of brassinosteroids and their interactions with other plant growth regulators
  • plant derived antimalarials and their Semi-synthetic analogues (including patents filed in the last 20 years)


About The Editor:

Atta-ur-Rahman, Ph.D. in organic chemistry from Cambridge University (1968), has 1080 international publications in several fields of organic chemistry including 751 research publications, 37 international patents, 69 chapters in books and 221 books published largely by major U.S. and European presses. He is the Editor-in-Chief of eight European Chemistry journals. He is Editor of the world's leading encyclopedic series of volumes on natural products, Studies in Natural Product Chemistry, 54 volumes of which have been published under his Editorship by Elsevier during the last two decades.

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