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An update on solar chimney power plants

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Bentham Science Publishers

Solar Chimney Power Plants: Numerical Investigations and Experimental Validation summarizes the effect of the geometrical parameters of a solar chimney on the airflow behavior inside a solar chimney power plant. Chapters in this experimental handbook are presented in two parts with the goal of equipping readers with the information necessary to study and determine key factors which affect the performance of the solar chimney power plant.

In the first part, the authors present a simulation developed by using computational fluid dynamics (CFD) modeling software ANSYS Fluent to model the airflow. The adopted CFD models include k-? turbulence model, the DO radiation model and the convection heat flux transfer model. These models have been validated with anterior experimental results.

In the second part, the simulated models are then tested with alternate geometric configurations of the solar chimney power plant. The numerical studies allow readers to consider ways to expand on the design optimizing of the solar chimney when constructing a prototype. Geometrical parameters include the height, the diameter of the chimney and the dimensions of the solar collector and their effect on the temperature and air pressure is documented to validate models used for experimental simulations.

The handbook also includes a study of an experimental prototype, constructed at ENIS. The researchers have gathered data on the environmental temperature, distribution of the temperature, air velocity and the power output generated by the turbine, the solar radiation and the gap of temperature in the collector of the prototype.


About the Editors:

Prof. Zied Driss is Full Professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at National School of Engineers of Sfax (ENIS). He received his Engineering Diploma in 2001, his Master Degree in 2003, his PhD in 2008 and his HDR in 2013 in Mechanical Engineering from ENIS at University of Sfax, Tunisia. He is interested on the development of numerical and experimental techniques for solving problems in mechanical engineering and energy applications. Also, his research has been focused on the interaction between Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) and Computational Structure Dynamics (CSD) codes. As a result of his research, he is principal or co-principal investigator on more than 140 papers in peer-reviewed journals, more than 300 communications to international conferences, 15 books and 50 books chapters. Also, he is the main inventors of 3 patents. Currently, Prof. Driss is a Chief of Project in the Laboratory of Electromechanical Systems (LASEM), an Editorial Board Member and reviewer for different international journals, an Editor for different books, a General Chair of two bi-annual international conferences and an active member in different national and international associations.

Keywords: computational fluid dynamics, solar chimney, experimental simulations, radiation model, power plant, solar radiation, turbulence model

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