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Future Science Group celebrates 10 years of Immunotherapy

Future Science Group (FSG; London, UK) is celebrating the 10-year anniversary of the journal Immunotherapy with a two-part Special Focus Issue highlighting the latest key advances made in the field

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Future Science Group

Future Science Group (FSG; London, UK) is celebrating the 10-year anniversary of the journal Immunotherapy with a two-part Special Focus Issue highlighting the latest key advances made in the field.

Since the launch of Immunotherapy in 2009, the field has undergone a very exciting decade and has evolved dramatically. Remarkable developments have led to a range of novel treatments for autoimmune diseases, allergies and cancer, amongst others. The emergence and advancement in the study and application of genetically engineered chimeric antigen receptor T cells and checkpoint inhibitors for the treatment of cancer have been particularly important areas of research.

In the last decade, Immunotherapy has strived to keep up with the incredible progress made in this exciting field and has continually showcased the latest groundbreaking advances across the whole research spectrum.

The two Special Focus Issues, both published in early 2019, aim to highlight and provide insight into the key topics and crucial areas of study in the field of immunotherapy. Compiled with help from members of the journal's editorial board and regular contributors, these issues provide a broad representation of the field, detailing the past, present and future possibilities in the diagnosis and treatment of cancers, allergies and autoimmune diseases.

Mike Gregg, the Commissioning Editor of Immunotherapy (FSG, UK), opens each issue with a scene-setting Foreword, providing an overview of the wide variety of articles featured which include opinionated Editorials, Original Research and Reviews.

Gregg commented: "It has been an incredible first 10 years for Immunotherapy, during which, the journal has grown a reputation as a leader in the field. The Immunotherapy editorial department is excited to continue to build on this by publishing the latest research, discoveries and expert commentary and are looking forward to what the next 10 years will bring.'


View Parts I and II of the Special Focus Issue for free by clicking the links below:

Part I:
Part II:

About Immunotherapy Immunotherapy (IF: 3.461 (2017)) offers the scientific community an interdisciplinary forum, providing them with information on the most recent advances of various aspects of immunotherapies, in a concise format to aid navigation of this complex field. Key advances in the field are reported and analyzed by international experts, providing an authoritative but accessible forum for this vitally important area of research.

Call for papers

The journal is currently inviting submissions of original research, review and perspective pieces, as well as shorter pieces such as editorials and organizational profiles. Submissions are being accepted via the journal's online submission site. Alternatively, authors are invited to direct any article proposals or general queries to the Commissioning Editor, Mike Gregg at

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