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AAAS announces New Science Partner Journal, Health Data Science

Science Partner Journal launched in affiliation with Peking University

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American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS)

The American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) is pleased to announce the launch of new Science Partner Journal, Health Data Science, published in affiliation with Peking University (PKU).

Health Data Science's mission is to use data for better health. The journal is committed to publishing innovative, scientifically rigorous original research, comprehensive reviews, editorials, and insightful perspectives to help health practitioners and policymakers improve data and evidence-based decision-making, promote the ethical application of cutting-edge technologies and analytic approaches, and advance the horizon of health data science.

Qimin Zhan, Academician, Chinese Academy of Engineering, China, and Professor, Peking University, China, will serve as the Editor-in-Chief of Health Data Science. The journal is currently open for submissions and will publish under a Creative Commons Attribution License (CC BY).

"Health data science is an emerging interdisciplinary field with huge potential to transform healthcare," said Academician Qimin Zhan, Editor-in-Chief of Health Data Science. "We see the explosive growth of health data, and the rapid development of artificial intelligence, blockchain, 5G, and other cutting-edge technologies that have been applied in healthcare. Peking University took this historical opportunity, partnering with AAAS, and launched the open-access journal Health Data Science. The journal is committed to translating the value of health data for the benefit of patients' health and populations' wellbeing. We believe that with the support from AAAS and the joint effort from the international academic community, Health Data Science will maintain high-quality and ethical standards for research, serve as a venue for interdisciplinary learning, communication, and collaboration, and achieve its mission--Data for Better Health."

"The launch of this journal, Health Data Science, will provide a platform for a fast-growing field that seeks to benefit the health and well-being of society through the assessment of large volumes of data," remarked Bill Moran, Publisher of the Science family of journals at AAAS. "We are proud to work with Peking University to support this effort and look forward to a long partnership."

New titles participating in the Science Partner Journal program will launch on a regular basis and participation in the program is kept to English-language publications. AAAS is actively seeking new partners across scientific disciplines. Organizations participating in the Science Partner Journal program will be editorially independent and responsible for the content published in each journal. Partner organizations are responsible for establishing editorial boards committed to best practices in peer review and author service. For more information about the Science Partner Journal program, please visit the Science Partner Journal homepage at: For questions regarding the program and inquiries about the application process for becoming a partner organization, contact


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Founded in 1898, Peking University is the first national university covering comprehensive disciplines in China and has been a leading institution of higher education in China since its establishment. Peking University is proud of its outstanding faculty, including 48 members of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), 9 members of the Chinese Academy of Engineering (CAE), and 21 members of the Third World Academy of Sciences (TWAS). It strives not only for improvements in teaching and research work, but also for the promotion of interaction and mutual cooperation among various disciplines. Thus, Peking University has become a center for teaching and research and a university of a new type, embracing diverse branches of learning such as basic and applied sciences, social sciences and the humanities, and sciences of medicine, management, and education. See

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