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Four SAGE Publishing authors honored by the Textbook and Academic Authors Association

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Los Angeles, CA (March 2, 2017) SAGE Publishing is pleased to announce that four authors received awards from the Textbook and Academic Authors Association (TAA). Tracy L. Tuten and Michael R. Solomon, co-authors of Social Media Marketing, second edition, and Andrew M. Pomerantz, author of Clinical Psychology: Science, Practice and Culture, fourth edition, were awarded the TAA Textbook Excellence Award. Tara L. Kuther, author of Lifespan Development: Lives in Context, was awarded Most Promising New Textbook.

"These honors reflect commitment to publishing innovative and high-quality course content featuring a distinctive author voice," commented Michele Sordi, Sr. Vice President and Head of US College at SAGE Publishing. "We are honored to be partners with these SAGE authors and celebrate their valuable contributions to pedagogy and student success."

TAA's Textbook Excellence Award ("Texty") recognizes excellence in current textbooks and learning materials, while the Most Promising New Textbook Award honors first edition works. Both awards are granted based upon the work's pedagogy, content/scholarship, writing, and appearance and design. This year, TAA named 10 Texty awards and seven most promising new textbook awards.

The Most Promising New Textbook Award winner Lifespan Development: Lives in Context focuses on the importance of context--examining how the places, sociocultural environments, and ways in which people are raised influence whom they become and how they grow and change. It integrates cutting-edge and classic research to present a unified story of developmental science and its applications to everyday life.

"I am honored to receive TAA's 'Most Promising New Textbook' Award. Recognition by my fellow authors is gratifying and humbling. I share this achievement with my colleagues at SAGE whose teamwork is reflected in the quality of this book. TAA's support, the outstanding resources, community, and opportunities for recognition by peers, is invaluable to authors," commented author Tara L. Kuther.

Social Media Marketing explores social media marketing and theory with practical application. It covers strategic planning for social media applications, incorporating platforms into brands' marketing communications executions, and harnessing social media data to yield customer insights.

"I am deeply touched and honored for the text, Social Media Marketing, to be chosen for the TAA Textbook Excellence Award. TAA provides such wonderful resources to support textbook authors - making the award all the more meaningful for me. TAA - thank you for the support you give to academic authors and for this great honor. I also want to thank SAGE, and in particular, our editor, Matthew Waters, who saw the value in this book and championed it," commented co-author Tracy L. Tuten.

Clinical Psychology: Science, Practice, and Culture, fourth edition, addresses the real-world practice of clinical psychology and the latest research in the field. The fourth edition examines cultural/diversity issues in clinical psychology and thorough coverage of recent, prominent developments in psychotherapy and clinical assessment.

"I feel honored and grateful that Clinical Psychology was chosen for TAA's Textbook Excellence Award. I share this recognition with the many wonderful people at SAGE Publishing dedicated to the success of this textbook, along with my chapter co-authors, my students, and my family," commented author Andrew M. Pomerantz.


TAA will present the awards at their annual conference in Providence, R.I. on June 9, 2017.

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