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Waiting for Godot Metaphor

More questions than answers

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Society for Disaster Medicine and Public Health, Inc.

The "Waiting for Godot Metaphor" for the COVID-19 response is carried forward and in an "Epilogue" a series of questions that have no clear answer are used to guide the discussion.

The lead question examines the justification of the WHO Declaration of a Pandemic back in March in light of the heightened socio-economic damage that followed in it's wake.

To more objectively provide an answer to help in future events, a gradated Pandemic Index is suggested and a rudimentary example presented as an initial effort in an ongoing developmental process. On a linear 10-point scale (10 most severe) it is suggested that COVID-19 would be a 2-3.

Other questions addressed are: What is the usefulness of the COVID-19 PCR test?; Does the risk (of COVID-19) justify the level of fear?, and; What is the consequence of a herd immunity (HI) effect?


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