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IncludeHealth launches equipment-agnostic digital musculoskeletal platform

IncludeConnect provides a single digital platform configurable with all strength and cardio equipment, regardless of brand or location, to enable better health and performance outcomes

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IncludeConnect™ Product Suite

image: IncludeConnect™ provides a single digital platform configurable with all strength and cardio equipment, regardless of brand or location, to enable better health and performance outcomes view more 

Credit: IncludeHealth

Cincinnati, OHIO -- IncludeHealth, an internationally awarded digital health and performance company, today announced the launch of IncludeConnect, a revolutionary musculoskeletal technology that brings digital capabilities to any equipment used for rehabilitation, performance training or general health. IncludeConnect was developed through pilot programs and feedback from practitioners in two health care systems to enhance the way providers deliver both care and training. The platform connects, digitizes and integrates any piece of strength or cardio equipment into a HIPAA compliant, medical-grade software called the IncludeCloud™, allowing quantitative and qualitative measurement with feedback to drive better outcomes.

The new technology made its debut at the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA's) 2020 Combined Sections Meeting in Denver, Colorado.

"IncludeConnect is both powerful and practical, allowing any and all equipment to be connected, digitized and integrated into one cohesive, medical-grade platform," said Ryan Eder, CEO and Founder of IncludeHealth. "Unlike other commercial and consumer grade connected equipment, IncludeConnect is a comprehensive musculoskeletal solution that provides rich and relevant data sets to healthcare, to drive better outcomes and next-generation care in physical therapy, occupational therapy, performance training, and general wellness."

IncludeConnect consists of small, rechargeable sensors and connected tablets running the IncludeCloud software. These sensors seamlessly pair with battery-powered kiosks that house each tablet and connect all of a facility's equipment regardless of manufacturer or model. Cloud-based exercise programs are generated in seconds and sent to each kiosk. Entire programs are autonomously sent delivering machine setup, exercise instruction and live guidance. Sensors collect objective, outcome-based data during a workout and passively send it to the IncludeCloud for review. Beyond traditional repetition counting and distance or time tracking, IncludeConnect measures variables including force, power, velocity, and range of motion to both quantify and qualify health and performance. Providers can securely view each client's profile to review compliance, details of the data, and analyze progress over time. This empowers trainers and providers to expand capacity, objectively validate progress, and deliver a richer client experience with improved outcomes.

"What healthcare needs is to have an agnostic connected platform that allows us to use our existing equipment, but make it smarter. We shared that insight with IncludeHealth, and that's where it all started," said Michael A. McCormack, Jr., Regional Director of Rehabilitation Services at Mercy Health, Cincinnati.

IncludeHealth piloted IncludeConnect with Bon Secours Mercy Health in Cincinnati, as well as Health Partners Neuroscience in Minneapolis. After a year of tracking real-time feedback to understand workflows and nuances about how the technology would fit into day-to-day operations, the product is now ready to launch.

"We had been using the IncludeStrengthTM, IncludeHealth's connected, functional trainer, for about a year and were able to collect an unparalleled data set on the health and performance of our patients ,'' said Marny Farrell, Director of Rehabilitation at Regions Hospital | HealthPartners. "However, we were limited in that we could only collect data from one machine and we wanted a way to connect the rest of our equipment into IncludeHealth's platform. IncludeConnect fills this gap. We're now able to extend the digital functionality we loved so much from the IncludeStrength across multiple pieces of equipment to provide one cohesive and seamless experience."


IncludeConnect is available through a subscription, and is suitable for any facility or network that's helping people to be more active and healthy through the use of equipment.

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Located in Cincinnati and Columbus Ohio, IncludeHealth is a digital health and performance company delivering next-generation musculoskeletal care and training. Offered through a monthly subscription, their platform provides a comprehensive digital suite that pairs HIPAA compliant cloud software with connected equipment, sensors and data to quantify and qualify human performance. This unique pairing provides breakthrough capabilities such as centralized and standardized protocols, outcomes-based data collection, autonomous instruction and documentation, and location agnostic delivery to produce better outcomes with lower costs. The proprietary technology at IncludeHealth has been recognized with 28 international innovation and health awards and is utilized in orthopedics, neuroscience, pediatric care, senior care, government, and general wellness facilities. To learn more, visit or connect via twitter (@includehealth) or LinkedIn (IncludeHealth, Inc.).

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