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Chang developing cyber resilience integrated security inspection system

Grant and Award Announcement

George Mason University

Chang Developing Cyber Resilience Integrated Security Inspection System

KuoChu Chang, Professor, Systems Engineering and Operations Research, is supporting Intelligent Fusion Technology, Inc., in its effort to develop a framework and an operational concept for a knowledge graph-based Cyber Resilience Integrated Security Inspection System (CRISIS).

As part of this work, Chang will participate in technical meetings, help IFT to develop a Cybersecurity Knowledge Graph (CKG) database and reasoning engine for CRISIS, develop machine-learning algorithms for the proposed solution, and validate the system. He will also assist IFT in developing, evaluating, and analyzing the performance of a digital twin-based CRISIS system, and preparing a Phase II proposal.

Chang received $45,000 from the U.S. Navy for this work. Funding began in July 2020 and will end in January 2021.


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