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NATO recognizes Army researcher for innovation

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NATO recognizes Army researcher for innovation

image: DEVCOM ARL researcher Dr. Niranjan Suri, will receive the NATO Science and Technology Organization's Information Systems Technology Panel Individual Excellence Award. view more 

Credit: U.S. Army

ADELPHI, Md. -- A U.S. Army researcher received high honors from NATO for driving innovation for military communication systems.

Dr. Niranjan Suri, a researcher with the U.S. Army Combat Capabilities Development Command, now referred to as DEVCOM, Army Research Laboratory, received the NATO Science and Technology Organization's Information Systems Technology Panel Individual Excellence Award.

NATO instituted the award to recognize outstanding personal and group contributions to STO Collaborative Network activities.

NATO recognized Suri as a driver for innovation in the development of novel architectures and approaches to integrate Internet of Things capabilities into military command and control systems, as well as for promoting and critiquing work by organizing workshops and special sessions to enable public dissemination and discussion of the work developed within the NATO science and technology framework.

"Working with various NATO research task groups has been an honor and a privilege all by itself, as it means that I get to collaborate with leading, world-class military scientists from many allied countries," Suri said. "Receiving this award is further validation of the value and contribution of these collaborative research efforts."

Suri has provided support to NATO since 2002 and has contributed to a number of research task groups.

A key highlight of his time with the groups is fostering the development, publication and distribution of the Anglova Scenario, which delivered one of the first and unique coalition open research datasets that enabled realistic experimentation for tactical edge networks.

Suri provided a vision and methodology for the development and dissemination of the Anglova scenario for emulation-based experimentation - one of the largest and most detailed military-vetted scenarios that has been released into the public domain.

As a result, the scientific accomplishment, involving complex military scenarios comprising urban loT was born, contributing to an emergent science of contemporary military system-of-systems.

Suri stated that moving forward, he will continue to pursue game-changing research for our Soldiers and our allies.

"I want to continue to push the edge in terms of novel and innovative research that brings value, first to the United States and the U.S. Army, but also to all of our NATO partners and allies, recognizing that many of our military operations are now joint and coalition in nature," Suri said. "The ultimate objective is to see the results of these research activities transition to our military and for there to be a real and lasting impact."

Suri will receive the award at the IST 48th Panel Business Meeting later this year.


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