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Book release: 'Institut Pasteur: Today's Research, Tomorrow's Medicine'

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Institut Pasteur: Today's Research, Tomorrow's Medicine

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Credit: (c) Institut Pasteur.

As the Institut Pasteur enters the 130th year of its existence (the anniversary will be celebrated on November 14, 2018), the book Institut Pasteur: Today's Research, Tomorrow's Medicine - available in both French and English - is being released. This illustrated volume, which is accessible to readers of all ages and backgrounds, describes the major challenges and medical issues facing the Institut Pasteur and the Institut Pasteur International Network. It pays tribute to the men and women who - inspired by the humanist ideals of Louis Pasteur - work tirelessly, on a daily basis for human health and medical progress.

The book tells the story of 130 years of research and discoveries, but it also takes a closer look at some of the Institut Pasteur's current research programs, which hold the promise of future medical breakthroughs. Topics explored include the fight against malaria, progress in tackling AIDS, the urgent need to combat antibiotic resistance, new treatment possibilities using stem cells, the impact of the gut microbiota on our health, and the latest research into neurodegenerative diseases. This is a comprehensive reference book about the Institut Pasteur and its ongoing commitment to major public health concerns. All royalties are donated to the Institut Pasteur.

The French version of the book, Institut Pasteur, recherche d'aujourd'hui, médecine de demain, has been available in French bookstores since mid-November. The English version of the book is currently available for pre-order from some American booksellers and will be released in March, 2018.

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Institut Pasteur / Today's Research, Tomorrow's Medicine. Abrams. US$35.00 / CAN$44.00 / UK£26.99.
All royalties donated to the Institut Pasteur. 208 pages, format: 190 x 255.
Publication date: November 16, 2017

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