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A University of Manchester-worthy guide on Component-Based Software Development

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An Introduction to Component-Based Software Development

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With documentary evidence tracing its origin to 1968, component-based development concerns constructing systems from pre-built software components in the field of software engineering. Fast forward almost 50 years, there remains various views on exactly what components are and how they are composed. With software becoming more pervasive and complicated, an even more important question arises: Is Component-Based Software Development still relevant?

Published by World Scientific, An Introduction to Component-Based Software Development firmly stands by the significance and relevance of component-based software development in today's increasingly inter-connected world. It provides researchers and academics alike, a comprehensive account of the basic principles of the field and an analysis of the numerous approaches that have emerged over the years.

Currently used for a Masters course at Manchester, this book includes the types of components in current practice, different views of software composition, mechanisms as well as a taxonomy of software component models. Its unique focus lies in the component models, the cornerstone of component-based software development. An Introduction to Component-Based Software Development an indispensable textbook for advanced undergraduates or postgraduate students and an essential reference for researchers as it serves as a one-stop shop for readers to understand and approach the topic.


This book is penned by Senior lecturer Kung-Kiu Lau and Research Associate Simone di Cola, both in the School of Computer Science at the University of Manchester, UK, with the help of their Manchester colleagues and other leading international experts, along with the Masters course's students' feedback.

An Introduction to Component-Based Software Development retails at US$78 / £69 (hardcover) at leading bookstores. For further information regarding the book, please visit If you require a review copy or any additional information please contact Amanda Yun at

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