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Building global innovators announces 7th edition startup batch

From 211 candidates, 10 ventures were selected to join the 7th edition of the accelerator

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MIT Portugal Program

Building Global Innovators Announces 7th Ed. Startup Batch

image: The selected teams participated in an intensive, immersive multi-disciplinary acceleration bootcamp in Lisbon. view more 

Credit: Building Global Innovators

From 211 candidates, Building Global Innovators has selected 10 ventures to join the 7th Edition of the accelerator, 9 of which already have a prototype developed that is ready to pilot. The selected teams already took participated an intensive, immersive multi-disciplinary acceleration bootcamp in Lisbon, were they were welcomed by Gonçalo Amorim- BGI Executive Director, Pedro Arezes - MIT Portugal Program Director, Emir Sirage - Coordinator of FCT's Technology Office, and Walter Palma- Director at Caixa Capital.

The selected ventures include talented teams from over 28 countries: Brazil, Costa Rica, Denmark, Hong Kong, United Kingdom and Portugal. They will receive support valued at 1 million Euros, including access to experienced business catalysts, expert mentors, and introductions and connections to the start-up ecosystem of Kendall Square, Cambridge / USA. Historically, over half of participating ventures succeed in financing their ventures within 18 months, with acceleration provided by BGI.

Increased international character and potential impact in the global market of application distinguished the candidates of the 7th edition of the accelerator, sponsored by this truly unique, technology-based Innovation and Entrepreneurship Initiative of the MIT Portugal Program.

"Further to our differentiated positioning effort as a later stage, B2B accelerator for technology-intensive startups built on solid teams, we are happy to see that of this year's batch, 78% are already formed companies, highlighting the maturity of teams with strong co-founders and global ambitions," commented Gonçalo Amorim, BGI Executive Director.

The ventures accepted to BGI's Accelerator in each market vertical are as follows:

AppyFans (Portugal) - A cloud-based application engaging brands and customers at the right moment and right time. It enables geolocated and enhanced interaction for efficient and hypertargeted campaigns to customers, driving foot traffic to a brick and mortar retail.

Atom (Hong Kong) - A portable battery with a built in wall outlet. It powers all electronics up to 150W including laptops, speakers, video transmitters and thousands of other portable devices.

eConscribi (Denmark) - An eRecruitment solution, ready to use, fully configurable, end to end SaaS solution to clients desiring efficient, flexible and upgradable solutions.

Gilvah (UK) - A global online consulting solution based on a tailor made software application, designed to be a true, "one-stop" professional online service transforming how professionals work and how people can access advice from professionals in various categories.

Glexyz (Portugal) - SaaS cloud platform where everyone developing a product can test and optimize their product, manufacturing, to system performance and product lifetime prediction. Glexyz cloud eliminates outdated and expensive physical prototyping, enabling 70% faster and cheaper product optimization cycle though our holistic virtual testing system.

Kinetikos (Portugal) - Kinetikos provides a cloud-based framework that merges patients' biomechanical and clinical data to inform those best qualified to make medical decisions. We are poised to revolutionize clinical decision-making to objectively diagnose, analyze and support clinicians planning treatments for musculoskeletal disorders around the world.

Newborn Skin Age (Brazil) - A light scan for neonatal that measures skin thickness by optical reflectance combined with a mobile APP for data processing. The automated measurement of epidermal thickness allows the accurate estimation of the gestational age in newborn babies.

No Micro (Portugal) - Antimicrobial agents/coatings for biomedical applications using a combination of high density of Anti Microbial Particles and nanoparticle size that make them very effective and low in cytotoxicity against human cells.

pCPR (Portugal) - Novel medical device to assist CPR maneuvers (cardiopulmonary resuscitation). It integrates performance indicators and vital signs with physiologic feedback, in real time for the first time.

Smart Wireless Lab (South Africa) - An affordable, low power consumption, and easiest to deploy LTE solution, specifically designed to reach mobile subscribers. It provides connectivity to IoT and M2M devices, as well as Device-to-Device communications via LTE, and data for mission critical projects.


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