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IOP Publishing strengthens commitment to open science

The society publisher's 'open physics' programme is about making science more accessible, transparent and inclusive

Business Announcement

IOP Publishing

IOP Publishing (IOPP), the society-owned publisher, has set out its commitments to supporting open science across the physical sciences with the launch of open physics.

Open physics is rooted in IOPP's belief that conducting science more openly can accelerate scientific discovery. It combines an evolving programme of publications, activities and policies to promote and support openness in physical science through:

  • Wider and faster research access to broaden scientific engagement and collaboration

  • Greater transparency to enhance scientific integrity

  • Broader inclusivity to expand the pool of scientific ideas

Antonia Seymour, Publishing Director at IOPP said: "Open physics encompasses all the steps that we are taking to make science more accessible. It is how we disseminate high-quality research, increase its visibility and encourage reproducibility and access to data. It's also about how we break down cultural and structural barriers to help foster inclusivity and improve diversity.

"One of our great strengths is that we're embedded in the scientific communities we serve, and this will be key to the success of open physics. We will be building our approach collaboratively so that it works for everyone, and we're looking forward to seeing the efforts of our shared vision accelerate scientific progress."

To find out more about IOPP's commitment to open physics visit the new online hub, which will be updated regularly as existing initiatives evolve and new ones develop.


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