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Vasily Struve Medal awarded to astronomer Alexei Starobinsky during 4th Petrov Readings

The ceremony was held in the Emperor Hall, Kazan Federal University, on Nov. 28

Grant and Award Announcement

Kazan Federal University

Vice-Rector for Research Danis Nurgaliev noted in his congratulatory speech, "A university's main goal is to attract talent. Alexei Aleksandrovich is one such attractor. During his lectures, students really lighten up and start digging deeper into this interesting science. I am very pleased that he is with us today."

Head of AstroChallenge research unit Oleg Sherstyukov said that it's very important for the unit to have Academician Starobinsky as the research supervisor. Thanks to his competent contributions, Kazan Federal University appeared in the U.S. News and World Report rankings for space sciences at the 133rd spot.

Other KFU employees also spoke warm words, including Director of the Institute of Physics Sergey Nikitin, Chair of the Department of Astronomy and Space Geodesy Ilfan Bikmaev, and Chair of the Department of Relativity Theory and Gravity Sergey Sushkov. President of the Italian Society for General Relativity and Gravitation Salvatore Cappozziello and Vice-President of the Russian Gravitational Society Dmitry Galtsov also extolled the man of the hour. Another Vice-President of RGS, Chief Research Associate of the Pulkovo Astronomical Observatory (the founder of this award) Vladimir Mostepanenko was chosen to give away the Struve Medal.

The event, which was devoted to the awardee's 70th birthday, ended with a lecture.


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