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BIOCAD will produce the COVID-19 vaccine developed by Gamalei Institute

BIOCAD becomes an industrial partner of the scientific center and will ensure the mass-scale production of the «Sputnik V» vaccine

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BIOCAD facilities

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Credit: BIOCAD

Clinical trials of the vaccine are currently underway. The «Sputnik V» is the two-component vaccine. Revaccination is carried out at intervals of 3-4 weeks. Moreover, with the repeated introduction of a particle of coronavirus RNA, it is covered with a new adenovirus. This is done in order to exclude the presence of neutralizing antibodies against the vaccine in humans and thus enhance the reliability of repeated injection. The article on the «Sputnik V» vaccine was published by the international peer-reviewed scientific journal Lancet.

"Since the beginning of the pandemic, BIOCAD has repeatedly stated that the company is ready to become an industrial partner for any project aimed at developing a vaccine against coronavirus," Dmitry Morozov, CEO of biotechnology company BIOCAD, commented on the signing of the agreement: "We carefully studied the results of our colleagues and concluded that the research on the vaccine, conducted by a team of a scientific institute led by Alexander Gintsburg, showed that this is a trustworthy product, effective and safe enough to ensure vaccination of Russian citizens. The mass production of the vaccine will allow scientists to complete the third stage of clinical trials, involving many volunteers, and begin supplying the vaccine to the regions of Russia, as well as abroad."

In addition to the production of the liquid vaccine, the partners are planning to organize the production of a lyophilized (powder form) version of vaccine. Dry vaccine does not require special storage conditions during transportation, which is the main advantage.

In early September 2020 the biotechnology company BIOCAD launched a new high-tech production complex in Zelenograd with a total area of 43 thousand square meters. Thus, the company has 9 newest manufacturing plants in Russia, four of which are located in Moscow and the Moscow region. In total, the company employs over 2.5 thousand people, 1000 of whom are involved in its research activities. This is the fourth vaccine development project in which BIOCAD participates. Two vaccine developments are led by BIOCAD on its own, in another project of the Scientific Center Vector the company also acts as an industrial partner.


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