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A review on cultivation methods and technologies

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Bentham Science Publishers

Cultivators and livestock farmers are increasingly arranging innovative technical and scientific estimations with the aim to enhance agricultural sustainability, effectiveness, and plant health. Innovative farming technologies incorporate biology with smart technology (computers and sensor devices) exchanging information with one another autonomously in a structured farm management system.

Emerging Technologies in Agriculture and Food Science presents reviews on innovative techniques and methodologies to complement conventional plant control and breeding attempts toward enhancing crop yield and production. Reviews covered in this volume include:

  • Active compounds from pomegranate seeds
  • Application of Enterococci and their bacteriocins for meat biopreservation
  • Technological advancement in the detection and identification of plant pathogens
  • Machine learning for precision agriculture
  • Use of remote sensing technology and geographic information systems for agriculture and environmental observation.

The information presented in this volume will provide helpful updates for students, technology experts and professionals in the food security and sustainable agriculture sectors.


About the Editor:

Dr. Karim Ennouri, a biologist, graduated in the field of Engineering Sciences from Higher Institute of Agronomic Sciences-Chott Mariem- Sousse University in 2006. He obtained Nutrition and Health Master Degree from National Agronomic Institute-Paris Grignon (AgroParisTech) in 2007 and Ph.D. from Sfax University in 2013. Dr. Ennouri developed a conceptual understanding of a fact-based subject like investigation of nutritional requirements of microorganisms, Bacillus thuringiensis, using different statistical methods. His major field of interest is biostatistics and mathematical models applied to biological research fields.


Livestock, agricultural sustainability, plant health, plant control, meat biopreservation, plant pathogens, agriculture

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