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'Future Trends for Top Materials' by Mario J.F. Calvete

This book review has been published in The Open Materials Science Journal

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Bentham Science Publishers

In the last four decades materials science has evolved and developed into a very diverse range of highly specialised family of compounds -- from what were once essentially esoteric, often topical, basic research specialities -- into what one would clearly class today as one of the most significant and important industrial fields and specialisations of our modern era. In fact, our whole modern industrial world today in terms of electronic devices, computers, solar cells, printing, imaging, copying and recording systems, to name but a few, would not exist without this highly creative science covered in this book.

This eBook is a major adventure divided into 9 chapters covering most of the important dynamic and developing materials based on phthalocyanines, polymethines, porphyrins, BODIPYs, dendrimers, carbon allotropes, fullerenes and graphenes and many other organic frameworks and nanoparticles. Each chapter covers detailed synthetic aspects of the most established preparation routes for each type of compound, while giving a historical perspective, with selected information on actual and outstanding applications of each material. The author leads the reader into unravelling what likely might be the future for each type. These materials embrace many fields of science of science and technology, all continuing to develop and change rapidly. However, we have reached a stage where now it is important to categorise and collate our knowledge achieved to date on most of the specific areas of industrial significance. Indeed, only recently, some research specialisations such as OLED's and plastic solar cells have emerged into new industrial technologies that will make their mark in the forthcoming years. Our current knowledge achieved to date in most of the areas is clear and scientifically sound and this specialised handbook hopes to lay the foundations of such an understanding for future developments. The foundations in this book will hopefully provide a valuable jumping point for such developments for specialists, academics and industrialists world-wide.

Thus, the theme of this book brings a wide range of topical material subjects together in various fields by underpinning their fundamental, functional, operational, developmental and application knowledge acquired to date as well as their future implications.


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