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Corn supply chains in the United States

Peer-Reviewed Publication

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences

Spatial and Temporal Variation of Greenhouse Gas Emission and Irrigated Water Use Intensity of US Co

image: This image shows spatial and temporal variation of greenhouse gas emission and irrigated water use intensity of US corn production. view more 

Credit: PNAS

Researchers report a transportation model that tracks the distribution of corn from the county of production in the United States to primary processing of corn-fed animals and ethanol products; the study estimates the environmental impacts of corn production in all contiguous US counties and for various corn supply networks, and finds that the environmental impacts of corn production differ across industry and firm-level supply chains.

Article #17-03793: "Subnational mobility and consumption-based environmental accounting of US corn in animal protein and ethanol supply chains," by Timothy M. Smith et al.

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