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New 3-D scanning service for applications in the naval sector

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Elhuyar Fundazioa


image: This service obtains mass measurements of large-sized volumes with great accuracy and resolution. view more 

Credit: Tecnalia

The customised solutions of the 3D Scanning Services that Tecnalia is offering the naval sector allow point clouds to be used for reverse engineering, 3D modelling; they enable practically everything to be mapped, ranging from large city models to industrial components on a tiny scale. This means they are ideally suited to the naval sector when it comes to obtaining hull shapes, doing tank calibrations, carrying out naval design processes and stability studies.

This service enables accurate, reliable data to be obtained and which could not be obtained in the past, thus facilitating better-informed decisions and savings in time and costs.

The 3D scanners of the Swiss-made brand Leica Geosystems it is using to offer this service to companies capture the geometry of objects without contact, thanks to the emitting of a calibrated light pattern. The scanner's cameras capture the distortion of the light on the object and turn it into a 3D point cloud of the actual dimensions.


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