News Release

Jones & Van Aken monitoring water quality for city of Fairfax

Grant and Award Announcement

George Mason University

R. Christian Jones, Professor/Director, Potomac Environmental Research and Education Center, Environmental Science and Policy, and Benoit Van Aken, Associate Professor, Chemistry and Biochemistry, are conducting stream monitoring for the City of Fairfax.

They will collect samples quarterly at four stream locations in Fairfax City as designated by the City to meet the requirements of their VA Pollution Discharge Elimination System permit. Samples will be analyzed for the following parameters utilizing EPA?approved methods: dissolved oxygen; pH; temperature; specific conductance; turbidity; nitrate and nitrite levels; total phosphorus; and E. coli.

The sample schedule will be coordinated with the city, but the researchers anticipate sampling in January 2020, April 2020, July 2020, and October 2020. Results will be reported to City of Fairfax officials approximately one month following each sampling date.

Jones and Van Aken received $5,054 from City of Fairfax for this work. Funding began in December 2019 and will conclude in late November 2020.


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