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Money laundering in sports -- it's what happens under the bleachers

New Springer title explores football and sports as a cover for money laundering and other financial crimes

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On June 12 all eyes will be on São Paulo as Brazil begins its run as host of the 2014 FIFA World Cup. It will be the 20th time the event is held, which is arguably the largest sporting competition on the planet. However, behind the glitz and glamor, the pageantry and competition, there may be something much more sinister taking place – money laundering and other financial crimes. In a new book from Springer – Football, Gambling, and Money Laundering: A Global Criminal Justice Perspective – author Fausto Martin De Sanctis explores how sports are a robust and growing front for a number of illegal activities.

Sports may be a path to fame for athletes, a source of national pride for fans and a past time for many, but unfortunately they are also a convenient cover for corrupt enterprises. Football, Gambling, and Money Laundering details in stunning detail what crimes take place, how they are able to flourish, what steps are currently being taken and what should be done to confront sports-related financial crimes.

Included in the book is expert analyses of financial crimes in the context of football (soccer) and gambling, and how governing bodies, the media and others have fomented a culture that often looks the other way where these criminal ventures are concerned. Football, Gambling, and Money Laundering also looks at how the internet has helped give rise to these operations, as well as the strength and weaknesses of current efforts to fight this corruption.

As an authoritative reference on the topic, Football, Gambling, and Money Laundering will appeal to academics, law enforcement officials, judges, prosecutors and law makers alike. The book identifies possible loopholes in existing international legislation for money laundering in sports, and describes proposals to prevent and monitor illegal gambling activities, specifically in football. Exposing a side of sports that is often left hidden to the world, this new title is also written in an accessible way, even for non-experts.

Fausto Martin De Sanctis holds a Doctorate in Criminal Law from the University of São Paulo's School of Law (USP) and an advanced degree in Civil Procedure from the Federal University of Brasilia (UnB) in Brazil. He was a Public Defender in São Paulo from 1989 to 1990, and a State Court Judge, also in São Paulo, from 1990 to 1991, until being appointed to the Federal Courts. From April 2 to September 28, 2012, Judge De Sanctis was a fellow at the Federal Judicial Center in Washington, DC. He is currently a Federal Appellate Judge in Brazil's Federal Court for Region 3, with jurisdiction over the states of São Paulo and Mato Grosso do Sul. Judge De Sanctis was selected to handle a specialized federal court created in Brazil to exclusively hear complex cases involving financial crimes and money laundering offenses. Deputy Director of the Federal Judicial School in São Paulo and an Advisory Council member of the American University Washington Colledge of Law. He is a world renowned expert on this topic and has been invited to participate in programs and conferences both in Brazil as well as internationally.


De Sanctis, F.M.
Football, Gambling, and Money Laundering: A Global Criminal Justice Perspective
2014, I, 213 p. 1 illus. in color
Hardcover €29,99 | £16.99 | $29.99
ISBN 978-3-319-05608-1

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