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'Geothermal Energy: A Natural, Renewable Resource'

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Cover: 'Geothermal Energy, an Important Resource'

image: Cover: Energy stations contain the geothermal heat pumps, which are the workhorses of the groundsource geothermal system installed at the Ball State University campus (Muncie, Ind.). They use Earth as a heat source or sink, depending on the university's requirements. White, yellow, and green pipes are part of a district-wide distribution system that exchanges energy or heat between the ground and campus buildings. The white pipes (not shown) circulate water through the borehole fields to dissipate or retrieve stored heat. The yellow pipes serve the heating needs on campus, and the green pipes are used for the campus's cooling demands. Photo courtesy of James Lowe. view more 

Credit: Credit Geological Society of America and photo courtesy James Lowe.

Boulder, Colo., USA: Geothermal energy is an important natural and renewable resource. This Special Paper from the Geological Society of America is a compilation of current and timely investigations of the complementary tracks of geothermal energy -- low-temperature ground-source geothermal and high-temperature hydrothermal systems. This volume will be of distinct interest to the geologic community, civil engineers, urban planners, and those interested in environmental sustainability.

Included among these contributions are studies on the feasibility and viability of integrating geological modeling with system design, unconventional extraction of low-temperature geothermal energy in underground coal mines, district-wide ground-source heat pump systems, models that couple heat transfer with groundwater flow and/or stratigraphy, and enhanced geothermal systems.


Geothermal Energy: An Important Resource
Edited by C.B. Dowling, K. Neumann, and L. Florea
SPE519, 136 p., ISBN 9780813725192
$60; GSA member price $42
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