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A new book series looks into the recent advances in renewable energy

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Bentham Science Publishers

'Renewable Energy Engineering: Solar, Wind, Biomass, Hydrogen and Geothermal Energy Systems (Volume 3)' book examines recent advances in specific renewable energy systems. Readers will learn about theoretical and applied perspectives which are key to addressing the major issues associated with such systems.

Chapters cover solar energy systems, thermal energy storage, bioenergy, hydrogen production, geothermal energy and measurement techniques for these energy systems. Students in engineering programs, and engineers working in academia and the renewable energy sector will be able to broaden their understanding of complex renewable energy projects through the comprehensive overview of both the fundamental concepts and the technical issues covered in the text.


About the Editors:

Emmanuel Rogdakis

Emmanuel D. Rogdakis is a Professor at the School of Mechanical Engineering of the National Technical University of Athens and has served as Head of the School of Mechanical Engineering and as a member of NTUA's Research Committee. His research interests include Absorption Refrigerators, Heat Pumps and Transformers, Stirling, Ericsson and Free Piston Prime Movers, Cryocoolers, Steam-Ejector Units, Kalina Power Units, Maisotsenko Evaporative Cooler, Sorption Wheels, Cooling Towers and Testing the Equipment of Vehicles for the Carriage of Perishable Foodstuffs (ATP).

Irene Koronaki

Irene Koronaki is Associate Professor of School of Mechanical Engineering at NTUA, task leader and participant in R&D and demonstration projects financed by the European Commission, national Ministries and organizations, and the private sector. Author of more than 120 papers in Journals and International Conferences with peer review. Authorship contribution in the International Encyclopedia EOLSS-Encyclopedia of Life Support Systems of UNESCO. Author of national books on topics related to industrial refrigeration, energy conservation in buildings and thermodynamic processes.

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