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MossRehab first facility in the US to use new robotic technology

the cutting-edge Hunova robotic device to assist in neurorehabilitation

Business Announcement

Einstein Healthcare Network/MossRehab

MossRehab, the U.S. News & World Report top-ranked rehabilitation facility and home of the biggest collection of robotics that aide in physical and cognitive rehabilitation, is proud to announce that it has become the first facility in the United States to implement the cutting-edge Hunova robotic device to assist in neurorehabilitation.

Designed by Movendo Technology in Italy, Hunova is a programmable, robotic device that allows professionals in the geriatrics, neurology and sport rehabilitation field to treat and evaluate many neurological and orthopedic conditions. Specifically, Hunova can collect significant biomechanical data, constantly monitoring the patient's progress. Hunova offers a wide range of clinical activities that include gaming activities that engage the patient. Hunova is designed with two mechatronic platforms equipped with sensors, characterized by two degrees of freedom (feet and seat level). Force sensors adjust the interaction with the patient and a wireless trunk sensor or other body parts depending on the exercise, allowing the therapist to check the overall movements of the patient.

Due to its reputation as a leader in rehabilitation robotics and technology, Movendo chose to install the first Hunova device in the U.S. at MossRehab. (Hunova is already CE and FDA certified, and is being used in more than 30l hospitals and rehabilitation centers throughout Europe, with clinical trials on over 400 patients.)

"We would like to thank MossRehab Chief Medical Officer Dr. Alberto Esquenazi and MossRehab for collaborating with us in this important milestone for Movendo Technology," said Simone Ungaro, CEO of Movendo Technology We are proud that MossRehab is our very first installation in the U.S."

"I am very excited about this installation," said MossRehab Chief Medical Officer Dr. Alberto Esquenazi, MD. "MossRehab is grateful for the opportunity to help Movendo develop the clinical application and protocols for Neurorehabilitation and to continue MossRehab's expansion of technology in rehabilitation."


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