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Clara Hildebrandt, M.D., receives Sanofi Genzyme/ACMG Foundation Next Gen Fellowship Award

The ACMG Foundation for Genetic and Genomic Medicine announces Clara Hildebrandt, M.D., as recipient of the 2020 Sanofi Genzyme/ACMG Foundation Next Generation Fellowship Award

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American College of Medical Genetics and Genomics

BETHESDA, MD – March 18, 2020 | Clara Hildebrandt, MD has been awarded the 2020 Sanofi Genzyme/ACMG Foundation Next Generation Fellowship Award. The mission of the Sanofi Genzyme/ACMG Foundation Next Generation Fellowship Award is to support training programs that advance genetics education, research and standards of practice in medical genetics, to develop and expand clinical and laboratory expertise in medical genetics, and to initiate and develop a broad-based infrastructure for industry funding of high-quality projects in the field of medical genetics. The award grants $75,000 per year to the recipient’s institution selected by the ACMG Foundation through a competitive process and will provide for the sponsorship of one year of the trainee’s clinical genetics subspecialty training in biochemical genetics following residency.

The awardee will have the opportunity to participate in an in-depth clinical and research experience at a premier medical center with expertise and significant clinical volume in the area of biochemical genetics.

Dr. Hildebrandt received her bachelor of science from the University of Michigan and her MD from Wayne State University School of Medicine in Detroit, Michigan. She is currently completing a natural history study of over 300 individuals with nemaline myopathy in the laboratory of Dr. Alan Beggs. After finishing her pediatric genetics residency at Boston Children’s Hospital (BCH) this June, she will begin a one-year medical biochemical fellowship at BCH. Dr. Hildebrandt will explore barriers to timely administration of enzyme replacement therapy at her institution.

“I am incredibly honored to receive the Sanofi Genzyme Award and thrilled to begin my medical biochemical training year at Boston Children’s Hospital. This award is a wonderful help in filling the need for more providers with expertise in inborn errors of metabolism. I aim to dedicate the opportunity this grant provides to investigate the hurdles patients face in receiving targeted genetic therapies, particularly enzyme replacement therapy, and to create systematic solutions to these obstacles,” said Dr. Hildebrandt after receiving the award.

Bruce R. Korf, MD, PhD, FACMG, president of the ACMG Foundation said, “Training of biochemical geneticists remains a priority for our community; we are very pleased that Sanofi Genzyme shares our commitment to training in this area with their continued support of the Sanofi Genzyme/ACMG Next Generation Award.”


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