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Join us online: Insect science goes virtual at Entomology 2020, November 11-25

Scores of presentations on the latest in insect science, all at your fingertips at the ESA Virtual Annual Meeting

Meeting Announcement

Entomological Society of America

What: Entomology 2020, the Virtual Annual Meeting of the Entomological Society of America
Where: Anywhere! (i.e., online)
When: November 11-25, 2020
Who: 3,000+ insect scientists and entomological experts

Your next great science story could be just a few mouse-clicks away at Entomology 2020, the Entomological Society of America's Virtual Annual Meeting.

Every year, the insect science community gathers in November to share the latest in entomological research. In 2020, the coronavirus pandemic has moved that gathering to an online format--meaning anyone can attend from wherever they are, no travel required.

Interested media are invited to participate free of charge in this unique opportunity to view scores of research presentations from all corners of entomology, without ever having to leave the home office.

More than 30 years ago, E.O. Wilson famously called insects "the little things that run the world," and that's as true as ever in 2020. Research topics on the schedule at Entomology 2020 include critical issues such as invasive species, vector-borne disease, pest management, food security, pollinator protection, biodiversity and conservation, and much more.

Plus, most sessions are available on-demand at any time from November 11-25. Livestream sessions air November 16-19 and will be available recorded afterward. Participants can drop in for just one symposium or stay for a dozen or more--as much or as little as you want.


Check out highlights from the schedule below, and view the full online program for Entomology 2020 at To request a complimentary media pass to Entomology 2020, please contact Joe Rominiecki, ESA manager of communications, at or 301-731-4535 x3009.

Symposia of note:

  • Research and Development of Insect Repellents (live, November 18)
  • What's the Buzz? Highlighting Native Bees (live, November 19)
  • Current Locust Outbreaks: Challenges, Opportunities, and Synergies (live, November 16)
  • Highlighting Women's Research: Sustaining Biodiversity and Conservation (live, November 17)
  • Advancement in Natural and Biological-Based Insecticide Research (live, November 18)
  • Chemical and Microbial Ecology of Disease Vectors (on-demand)
  • Impact of Evolving Regulations on Commercialization of Genetically Modified Pest Control Products (on-demand)
  • Got Bugs? Effective Messaging When Arthropods are Uninvited Houseguests (on-demand)
  • Department of Defense Entomology: More Than Just Mosquitoes! (on-demand)
  • The Art, Science, and Industry of Insect Rearing (live, November 17)
  • Entomology of Cannabis sativa: Insect Science and Pest Management in a Burgeoning Industry (live, November 17)
  • Addressing a Significant Food Security Threat: Spodoptera frugiperda Invasion in Africa, Asia, and Australia (live, November 18)
  • Biology, Ecology, and Management of Emerging Disease Vectors (on-demand)

Also see:

  • Keynote with Chavonda Jacobs-Young, Ph.D., administrator of the USDA Agricultural Research Service, and Ray Wheeler, Ph.D., senior scientist and plant physiologist, at NASA.
  • ESA Founder's Memorial Lecture: Michelle Samuel-Foo, Ph.D., assistant professor at Alabama State University, honors the life and career of Ernest J. Harris.
  • The "Antlion Pit" Competition (An innovation challenge awarding funding for ideas for entomology-related products and services. Think "Shark Tank" for entomology!)
  • The Entomology Games: ESA's insect-knowledge trivia competition for undergraduate and graduate students in entomology.

And much more: View the full online program for Entomology 2020 at



For members of the media interested in attending Entomology 2020, please review ESA's conference media policies at To request a complimentary media pass to Entomology 2020, please contact Joe Rominiecki, ESA manager of communications, at or 301-731-4535 x3009.


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