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Annual Reviews announces first review journal in the field of Biomedical Data Science

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New Journal! <i>Annual Review of Biomedical Data Science</i>

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Annual Reviews, the nonprofit publisher of scholarly review journals, today announced the publication of the inaugural volume of the Annual Review of Biomedical Data Science, its 50th publication to launch since the company was founded in 1932.

Inaugural Co-Editors Russ B. Altman, winner of the 2018 International Society for Computational Biology and Bioinformatics Outstanding Contribution Award, and Michael Levitt, joint winner of the 2013 Nobel Prize in Chemistry, and the journal's Editorial Committee have invited recognized leaders to address broad challenges in the discipline. Contributors synthesize and analyze primary research addressing important new technologies for analyzing biomedical data such as deep learning, text mining, network analysis, visualization, privacy policy and technology, sequence analysis, protein-RNA interactions, molecular interaction networks, simulation of cells/tissues, challenges for mass spectrometry, clinical and genomic phenotyping, and cancer therapy resistance.

The field of biomedical data science merges the disciplines of statistics, computer science, and computer engineering with the allied field of biomedical informatics to create and apply new methods to large sources of biological and medical data. The complexity of both the data streams and the science questions requires specialized understanding to convert rapidly expanding data into useful information and knowledge. Reviews addressing research and collaboration across the fields of bioinformatics, computational biology, biomedical, clinical and clinical research informatics, biostatistics, and imaging informatics are brought together within the scope of this journal.

Reflecting on the need for a review journal in this rapidly expanding field, Dr. Altman shared: "The Annual Review of Biomedical Data Science offers readers deeper discussion of novel methods to explore the unprecedented volume and velocity of genomic data, sensor data, and health care data. The articles will summarize progress and challenges, becoming an archival record and source of deep information about the contributions of data science to the larger biological and medical research landscape. As more biologists, physician-scientists, clinical trialists and others need this specialized knowledge, the journal will be invaluable to address the most pressing research challenges to accelerate scientific discovery and improve patient outcomes and health care."

Dr. Levitt said, "Many scientists who have not previously used or needed data-intensive computational approaches will find these articles to be valuable as they describe current approaches and define needs for further research. I have enjoyed working with Russ and the committee to launch this journal and will continue to provide counsel and advice as needed in my forthcoming role as Founding Co-Editor Emeritus."

Richard Gallagher, President and Editor-in-Chief of Annual Reviews, commented: "Novel computational tools and access to large, robust data are already transforming biomedical research programs and advancing discoveries that can improve patient health care and global public health. The Annual Review of Biomedical Data Science will benefit researchers, industry-leaders, government funding agencies, and legislators who are addressing the opportunities of this leading-edge area of research. We greatly value the vision and contributions of our distinguished Editors, Editorial Committee, and authors to this important addition to the portfolio of Annual Reviews."

The full volume is freely available online for an initial preview period.


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Annual Reviews is a nonprofit publisher dedicated to synthesizing and integrating knowledge for the progress of science and the benefit of society. For more than 85 years, Annual Reviews has offered expert review journals that today span over 50 titles across the biomedical, life, physical, and social sciences. Annual Reviews launched Knowable Magazine in 2017, an open access digital magazine to explore the real-world significance of this highly cited scholarship and make it accessible to broad audiences.

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