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Former world leaders to launch new book on Mid-East, water, energy: Oct. 20

Focus on Middle East, water crisis, energy, denuclearization of Korea

Book Announcement

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Baroness Margaret Jay, Former Leader of the House of Lords, UK

image: Book launch, 10 a.m. UK time, Monday, Oct. 20, Celtic Manor Resort Coldra Woods, Usk Valley, Newport, Wales: Bertie Ahern, former Prime Minister of Ireland, and George Vassiliou, former President of Cyprus will join a two-hour panel discussion moderated by Baroness Margaret Jay, former leader, UK House of Lords. view more 

Credit: InterAction Council

The InterAction Council, an association of 40 former world leaders, and the United Nations University will launch their new publication, "Water, Energy, and the Arab Awakening" Monday, 20 October 2014, 10 a.m. to noon BST.

Venue: Celtic Manor Resort, Coldra Woods, The Usk Valley, Newport, South Wales, NP18 1HQ

As western nations mobilize a military response to the threats of ISIS, an association of 40 former government leaders and heads of state will launch a book on sectarianism and other major topics of universal concern.

The former leaders of Canada, Colombia, Cyprus, Jordan, New Zealand and Singapore are contributors to the wide-ranging collection of papers requested from leading experts.

The InterAction Council (IAC) is a 30 year old association pooling the expertise of world leaders and speaking out on issues of vital importance to the world community and the community of world leaders alike.

Co-edited and published by UN University's Canadian-based Institute for Water, Environment and Health, the new book offers authoritative insights into topics from the Middle East and denuclearization of Korea to the water crisis and the future of energy.

The book will be launched with a panel discussion, moderated by

the Rt. Hon. the Baroness Margaret Jay of Paddington, former leader, UK House of Lords and joined by H.E. Mr. Bertie Ahern, former Prime Minister of Ireland

Seven contributing authors will be on hand to present their papers and answer questions:

  • H.E. Dr. George Vassiliou, former President, Cyprus
  • Dr. Thomas Axworthy, Secretary-General, InterAction Council
  • Mr. Nicholas Fogg, Former Head of Religious Studies, Marlborough College (U.K.)
  • Dr. Rebecca Johnson, Executive Director, Acronym Institute for Disarmament Diplomacy (U.K.)
  • The Most Hon. Lord Michael Lothian, Member, House of Lords; Chairman, Global Strategy Forum (U.K.)
  • Dr. Alexander Zhebin, Director, Centre for Korean Studies, Institute for Far Eastern Studies (Russia)
  • Dr. Moneef Zou'bi, Director-General, Islamic World Academy of Science (Jordan)


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