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Lockdown or lockup

Comparisons across nations are difficult because of wide variation in demographic, case definition, testing and other parameters

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Coronavirus lockdown

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Around the Globe and in the US there is currently an ongoing debate on "reopening" or, more to the point, when and how to end the Lockdown.

Unfortunately, there is no standard or accepted definition as to what a Lockdown constitutes. More importantly, we have not asked the critical question as to the very effectiveness of a spectrum of Public Health interventions, nor assess the socio-economic costs of individual measures.

What is obvious is that an extreme Lockdown that leads to socio-economic damage is very costly in terms of both economic and Public Health consequences. Comparing the epidemiological curves of Nations with 5,000 or more cases of COVID-19 against the spectrum of interventions in those countries shows no consistent advantage to extreme versus more limited social distancing measures.


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