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Lyncean Technologies signs Edge Scientific as representative in Canada

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Lyncean Technologies, Inc.

Lyncean Technologies, Inc., manufacturer of the Lyncean Compact Light Source (CLS), today announced the signing of Edge Scientific as their exclusive representative in Canada. Edge Scientific will be responsible for growing the Canadian academic and industrial research market for Lyncean.

The Lyncean CLS fits into a typical laboratory space and is suitable for numerous imaging, diffraction, spectroscopy and scattering experiments that until now have only been possible at large, government operated synchrotron facilities. The CLS X-ray beam is characterized as high flux (1e11 ph/s), narrowly divergent (few mrad), nearly monochromatic (few % BW), and continuously energy tunable.

A Lyncean CLS X-ray facility is the ideal complimentary addition to a scientific community, spread across a spacious geographical region, with a single large synchrotron. Samples and experimental setups can be optimized on the CLS to maximize productivity at the synchrotron; samples that are difficult to transport such as in vivo or contaminated samples can be measured locally; and measurement techniques developed at the synchrotron can be implemented on the CLS for high volume sample runs.

"Edge Scientific's experience with selling and supporting electron, X-ray and helium ion microscopes, and their contacts within the Canadian research and X-ray community make them an ideal representative for Lyncean," said Lyncean CEO, Dr. Michael Feser.

"We are extremely excited to add the Lyncean Compact Light Source to our portfolio of products. We see the CLS to be the cornerstone of satellite X-ray facilities supporting the technology invented at the Canadian Light Source," said Stephen Wood, founder and managing director of Edge Scientific.


About Lyncean Technologies

Lyncean Technologies, Inc. is located in Fremont, California and was founded in 2001 to develop the Compact Light Source (CLS), a miniature synchrotron x-ray source based on research performed at the SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory and Stanford University. By replacing the conventional "undulator" magnets found in the large synchrotrons by laser technology, the entire device scales down in size by a factor of 200 in the CLS. The first commercial Lyncean CLS was purchased by researchers from the newly formed Center for Advanced Laser Applications in Germany, a joint project of the Ludwig Maximilians University of Munich and the Technical University Munich (TUM). The Munich CLS has been in routine operation since April 2015. For more information visit:

About Edge Scientific

Founded in 2005, Edge Scientific is a Canadian company that specializes in nanotechnology solutions. Representing the most respected manufacturers from around the world, we offer the largest portfolio of electron, ion, X-ray microscopes, in-situ technologies & sample preparation equipment.

Edge Scientific provides researchers and facilities with the expertise and equipment to customize their systems by integrating product lines for nanotechnology applications. Our approach is comprehensive; we assess the needs of our customers to develop complete application solutions. We also employ application specialists with the expertise to ensure optimization of the systems we support.

Edge Scientific - Leading nanotechnology solutions. For more information, visit:

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