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Kim receives funding for course on campaign development

Meeting Announcement

George Mason University

Sojung Kim, Professor, Communication, received $2,000 from the Free Speech Center at Middle Tennessee State University for: "COMM 331 PR Campaigns Course (Spring 2020) Campaign Development."

During the Spring 2020 term, Kim is scheduled to teach this course in which students will form public relations agencies and create campaigns to facilitate open dialogue for the promotion of the First Amendment freedom of speech at Mason.

The class will use all the funds for a class project. Specifically, they will develop and print out promotional campaign materials to support the learning activities. At the end of the semester, students will make final presentations and invite professors and other people from the larger Mason community. The student-run newspaper, Fourth Estate, will become the class' partner/client for the campaign.

The different agencies will compete to win the best public relations campaign as determined by a vote by their peers and instructor at the end of the semester.

This funding began in November 2019 and will conclude in late June 2020.


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