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Essential new resource to help science journalists reporting on COVID-19

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World Federation of Science Journalists

WFSJ-COVID-19-Briefing is an online hub where science journalists can find scientific information about the COVID-19 crisis and share best practices on covering this type of subject.

"The role of science journalists has never been more important than it is today" said Milica Momcilovic, President of the WFSJ and TV Anchor (RTS, Serbia). "The site is entirely curated by science journalists and is intended to show only the most trustworthy information".

Built and launched in only 8 days, the site is a collaborative effort of science journalists. It includes scientific papers and analysis of science as well as many links to sources of information. in a central, searchable database. It also provides information and fact-checking sites for false and fake news, as well as advice from experienced journalists.

The managing editor is Mandi Smallhorne, Vice-President of the WFSJ and President of the South African Science Journalists Association. "Our idea was to provide a kind of one-stop-shop, a place where you can find the basic info, sources and evolving science without having to spend hours trawling the net as you race to cover this pandemic," she says. "We'd also like to showcase good work, so we invite science journalists to share any excellent articles they come across - as well as great new science, new contacts and new sources. Contact me at"

"Misinformation about COVID-19 is spreading at an alarming rate" said Christophe Bourillon, Executive Director of the WFSJ. "The WFSJ COVID-19 Briefing is a tool to ease the job of science and other journalists so they can concentrate on reporting".


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Press Contacts:

Mandi Smallhorne
Managing Editor - WFSJ COVID-19
Email: or

Christophe Bourillon
Executive Director, WFSJ
Phone: +33 626 837 058

Milica Momcilovic
President, WFSJ

The World Federation of Science Journalists (WFSJ) represents 63 associations of science and technology journalists and communicators worldwide. It is dedicated to strengthening critical reporting on science, technology, health, agriculture, the environment and related fields. In line with its mission, WFSJ aims to raise quality standards in science and technology reporting worldwide.

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