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Cui, Hensleigh, Chen and Zheng awarded the JMR Paper of the Year

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The Journal of Materials Research Paper of the Year Award recognizes excellence in advancing materials knowledge through written scholarship.

The 2018 JMR Paper of the Year has been awarded to Huachen Cui, Ryan Hensleigh, Hongshun Chen and Xiaoyu Zheng from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University for their article "Additive Manufacturing and size-dependent mechanical properties of three-dimensional microarchitected, high-temperature ceramic metamaterials".

The announcement took place at the 2019 MRS Spring Meeting and Exhibition in Phoenix, AZ. Editor-in-Chief of JMR Gary L. Messing stated the paper had won 'for developing an Additive Manufacturing approach to fabricate three-dimensional microarchitected, high-temperature ceramic metamaterials of high specific strength'


The paper is freely available in perpetuity:

Published February 14, 2018 - JMR volume 33, issue 3

Watch a short video abstract:

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