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Science magazine and JoVE announce scientific-video partnership

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Inaugural Video from <i>Science</i>-JoVE Partnership

video: This first video resulting from the <I>Science</I> - JoVE partnership documents an innovative method for visualizing and mapping the success or failure of immune control in viral infections, work published by Qingsheng Li <I>et al.</I> in <I>Science</I>'s 27 March 2009 issue. (This is a sample video only, there is no audio.) view more 

Credit: &copy; 2009 <I>Science</I> and JoVE.

Science, the journal of scientific research, news, and commentary published by The American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS), and JoVE, the scientific video journal, announced that they have entered into a partnership for joint production and publication of scientific videos online. The purpose of the partnership is to enhance scientific articles published in Science through video demonstrations of experimental techniques.

Under the partnership, which is currently in its pilot phase, Science will select papers suitable for the video enhancement, and will identify author groups willing to help shape the video demonstrations. JoVE will then work with the authors to create the actual demonstrations, using the company's platform for geographically distributed video-production. According to Stewart Wills, Online Editor at Science, direct, in-article video demonstrations should increase the value of Science research to its main audience, working scientists and students.

"Experimental techniques, and the ability to reproduce them, lie at the core of science and scientific trust," Wills noted. "But no matter how well written a paper's methods section or protocol is, the reality in the lab is that it's often much more effective to show someone how something was done than to tell them how it was done. We're excited to be working with JoVE to bring that dimension directly to some of Science's top-tier research content, and we're looking forward to learning the response of our authors, users, and subscribers to this new program."

Moshe Pritsker, CEO and a co-founder of JoVE, stressed the significance of the partnership with Science. "Science is a flagship of scientific publishing and a cornerstone of modern science. The partnership with them enables JoVE to spread its innovative video-based publishing model, and facilitate its adoption in the scientific community and scientific publishing industry. For us, it is a sign of trust from the industry leader that provides a strong validation to our concept and platform of large-scale video-production we have built".

The first video in the program documents an innovative method for visualizing and mapping the success or failure of immune control in viral infections, work published by Qingsheng Li et al. in Science's 27 March 2009 issue. The paper and associated video can be found at ; access is free of charge for users who register with the site. The video and detailed protocol notes are also available at the JoVE site, at .


The Science/JoVE pilot project received support from the William T. Golden Endowment Fund for Program Innovation at AAAS.

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