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Ultra-high pressure processing may increase salmon shelf-life

Peer-Reviewed Publication

Institute of Food Technologists

Salmon is a popular food source worldwide. It is often vacuum-packaged, smoked, frozen, or canned to increase the shelf life. However, the quality of the salmon flesh (meat) may decrease during these processes. A new study in the Journal of Food Science published by the Institute of Food Technologists (IFT) assessed the quality of salmon flesh after exposure to ultra-high level pressure (UHP) at different levels (200,400, or 600 MPa) and 30 days of storage at 4 degrees Celsius. The researchers found that salmon flesh treated with UHP at levels greater than or equal to 400 MPa improved the color, hardness, and chewiness of the flesh, and inhibited microorganism proliferation, thus increasing shelf life.


Read the Journal of Food Science abstract here:

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