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Development of highly active and stable ammonia synthesis catalyst under low temperatures

Peer-Reviewed Publication

Tokyo Institute of Technology

Conceptual Diagram of Ammonia Synthesis Activity

image: Conceptual diagram of ammonia synthesis activity at low temperature micro-pressure conditions using a catalyst with a fixed ruthenium on calcium amide (left). Electron microscopic image of the catalyst fixed ruthenium calcium amide (right). view more 

Credit: <i>ACS Catalysis</i>

Ammonia is mainly consumed as a fertilizer in crop production and has attracted much attention as a promising candidate for a hydrogen carrier. The present findings will significantly promote the development of the energy-saving processes of ammonia synthesis. Commonly, most of Ru catalysts are supported on metal oxides or carbon materials. In the present catalyst, flat-shaped Ru nanoparticles with a uniform size distribution are distinctly anchored on the surface of Ca(NH2)2 by strong Ru?N interaction. As a result, Ru-loaded Ca(NH2)2 exhibits high catalytic performance and long term stability for ammonia synthesis under low reaction temperatures.


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