News Release

Researchers developing data platform for analysis of nonprofit organizations

Grant and Award Announcement

George Mason University

Mirae Kim, Associate Professor of Nonprofit Studies, and Alan Abramson, Professor of Government, are creating a data platform for scientific analysis of nonprofit organizations in collaboration with researchers at American University, Urban Institute, and Georgia Institute of Technology.

The platform will be called the Nonprofit Organization Research Panel Project Manager, or NORPP Manager.

Currently, there are significant shortcomings to large-N organizational data on the nonprofit sector that hamper the ability to conduct large-scale, representative, and rigorous studies that advance the empirical literature and inform nonprofit managers, funders, and policymakers who make important decisions that affect the sector and society.

The NORPP Manager platform will provide public access to data and tools to fill this data void for social scientists across disciplinary fields whose research includes the study of nonprofit organizations, human engagement in organizations, and community and social issues that relate to nonprofit missions, their work, and their impact.

Kim and Abramson received $271,513 from the National Science Foundation for this research. Funding began in September 2020 and will end in late August 2023.


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